gc_energy_powerThe Company in the production of Ferro-Silicon, one of Ferro-Silicon, one of the major raw ingredients of Stainless steel nd small quantities in Mild Steel i.e. MS steel. While in Mild Steel it is used as reductant, in Stainless Steel it is used as a grain refiner that enhances brightness. The Company has a plant located at Byrnihat, Meghalaya near Guwahati with a production capacity of around 21,000 MT approx of Ferro-Silicon annually. The Plant has also a Captive Power Generation Unit with an installed capacity of 14 MwH approx. And the power generated by the same is mostly used for production of Ferro-Silicon which is a major component in making FeSi.

The strategic location at the North-East India gives the Company an advantageous exposure to abundant raw materials like Coal, Lam Cole and Quartz at nearby vicinity. Besides Ferro-Silicon, the Company also has the facility to produce Silico-Manganese and other Ferro-alloys.

• The basic purpose of FeSi is removing oxygen in liquid metal
• In Mild Steel (MS) it acts as reductant
• In Stainless Steel steel it acts as grain refiner i.e. brightness