Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys are alloys of Chromium, Manganese, Silicon etc. Ferro Alloys are used in steel making as an additive for imparting strength and quality required in a particular grade of Steel.

Ferro Manganese, Silicon Manganese & Ferro Silicon are used in Steel making in different proportion depending upon the grade of the Steel. Ferro Chrome is used for manufacture of various grades of Stainless Steel and other chromium bearing Alloy Steel.

Consumption of Ferro Chrome is linked with growth of Stainless Steel and other Alloy Steel. Depending upon the process of steelmaking, product quality envisagedand the type of steel being made, the requirement of ferro alloys varies widely.

About 90% of the High Carbon Ferro Chrome produced is used in the making of Stainless Steel, where chromium is an important ingredient. Because it is Chromium that makes stainless steel ‘stainless’.